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July 2011 


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Good Luck to our 2'nd Year Students
It is with great excitement that we wish our second year fulltime fashion students all the best of luck for the Fashion Show entrance Exam.  After 2 years of patiently waiting the students now have the opportunity to show what they are made of. After completion of the Fashion Show entrance exam, the students will know how many designs they can showcase at the 12’th annual graduation show.  The results from the exam will reflect their amount of entries.  So to our 2’nd year students….we have got the utmost confidence that you will perform to the best of your abilities and that we can anticipate a breathtaking fashion show from you all. 

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publication2.jpgNot all fashion graduates end up as designers.

So many confusions and misunderstandings are out there about possibilities within (and the future of) the South African fashion industry.  These days, I often hear the grumble that so many SA clothing manufacturers have closed down and for this reason our SA fashion industry is dying.  Well, I cannot disagree more!  Just look around you, we are all still wearing clothes.  Not only are we simply dressing the clothes, we are creating street styles and trends that are second to none!

The South African fashion industry has not died, but only shifted into being a global industry.  So yes, most of the clothes that you got dressed in this morning might have been made overseas, but they have been designed, merchandised and retailed in SA!  This means that you have a wide variety of fashion jobs to choose from within designing, buying and retailing. 

The best news is; since manufacturing of clothing has been globalized, you get to travel!  Yes!  Many designers, retailers, buyers and merchandisers travel the world over as part of their jobs.  With technology, communicating with your international suppliers and manufacturers is but a click away.

From the exciting, edge-of-your-seat world of red carpet designs to the highly valued practice of fashion buying and fashion styling; the fashion world has a career for every aspiring entrepreneur, designer and even computer junkies!

Here are just some of the many careers in the fashion world which awaits you; retail designer, couture designer, fashion buyer, stylist, merchandiser, fashion marketer, fashion editor, fashion journalist, blogger, on-line editor, pattern-engineer, pattern-grader, trend forecaster, fashion analyst, garment technologist, production manager, productivity specialist, fashion agent, quality controller, fashion illustrator, fashion graphic artist, lecturer, CAD specialist, theatrical costume designer, corsetiere, and collection specialist.

The wow factor does not stop here!  Apart from following anyone of the above careers (and more) or business opportunities, you can actually specialize within a selective field.  Every fashion career on its own has many specialities; ladieswear, menswear, childrenswear, protective clothing, sports wear, swimwear, lingerie, bridal wear, evening wear, and so on.

So how do you secure your future in the fashion world?  As with the globalization of our designs and the manufacturing thereof, it has become important to distinguish between the two types of fashion training out there; Fashion Design on the one hand and Fashion Management on the other.

For the more practical, creative and technical aspects of designing, like being involved in the design and manufacture of garments, you would need to register for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion Design.  This degree will prepare you in design, construction, illustration, pattern engineering, product development and business management.

For those who are interested in the management, financial, administrative and communicating side of fashion, and who want to get to such a position where all the big decisions lay on your shoulders, you will need a Bachelors of Consumer Science in Fashion Management & Communication.   This degree will prepare in you buying, merchandising practices, conceptualizing, advertising, editing and promotional activities

And this is where the good news reaches a high! North West School of Design in Klerksdorp has been presenting fashion design for the last 13 years, with many success stories of graduates that have made their mark within the industry.  North West School of Design will also from 2012 present a B.Sc. Degree in Fashion Management & Communication.  This is the first fashion consumer science course of its kind in South Africa as it only focuses on fashion. You can however also register for a 2 year diploma in any of these two fashion courses.  Check out our website: or contact Charles on 018 462 5149


UK Author visits S.A and enthusiasitcly reviews current courses and New Corset Book 


NWSD Principle Marlene Oosthuizen met up with internationally renowned fashion author and publicist, Sandra Burke, who is currently reviewing books written by our principal.  Sandra's fashion textbooks will form part of NWSD syllabus in all Fashion Degree courses.  Sandra has also confirmed being a guest speaker on various fashion topics to fulltime students

Anel Botha celebrating two wins at The Vodacom July .


NWSD Graduate, Anel Botha is hoping that the two big wins that she had at the Vodacom Durban July will make her name remembered.  Botha missed out on entering competitions at last year’s event by 20 minutes after being stuck in traffic.  With that lesson learned this time around the 25 year old designer from Klerksdorp and NWSD graduate made sure she was one of the first to arrive at Greyville race course in time to enter the coveted competition.  And by the end of the day she had picked up first prize in the Most Striking couple contest, as well as for her Classic Raceday creation. 

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With the start of the new week she also appeared on a Top Billing interview . Indeed she has a very busy week ahead.  She has a showcase of 8 designs at the YOU Spectacular awards alongside Malcolm Kluk, Michelle Ludek, Gert-Johan Coetzee and Colleen Eitzen. She will also be dressing Dunay Nortje (Kurt Darrens Wife), Chireze Hoogendyk (Elvis Blues wife) and Alette Winckler for the red carpet on the night.


Thank You,
Ian Malherbe
Online Editor


Correspondence Pattern Design Course
Living far from the North West School of Design Campus', our Correspondence Pattern Design Course is available to you to complete the course at your own pace. Course includes the award winning X!Design Patternmaker kit and new book by NWSD Principal "The modern corsetiere"
R1000 excl Shipping & Handling 

Model Search
Castings will be held on the 13 August 2011
@ St Andrews
13 August 2011 
pre-request with SMS-0836399790

Fashion Marketing
Master the entrepreneurial art of Fashion Marketing with the 2 month part time course from the NWSD.  Learn the finer details and study the sweet science that is marketing.  Classes start at 15 August 2011 and is held every Tuesday and Thursday.  With the recent success and ongoing improvements in the Fashion Buying Class one can be ensured that the course for Fashion Marketing will be fantastic. For more info contact NWSD at 018 462 5149 or email

Basic Upholstery
If you are an interior designing enthusiast, you will be pleased to know that on the 23'rd of August we are hosting our Basic Upholstery Workshop.  This Saturday workshop will cover all things needed to know, regarding basic upholstery.  Students will work during their day on their own creations and can choose between making their own Ottoman or various sized Headboards. Affordable and practical, the NWSD offers this workshop on the
23’rd July 2011.
For more info contact NWSD at 018 462 5149 or

Soft Furnishing Workshop 2011
Cut and make blinds, scatter cushions, curtains and much much more
Saturday Workshop 
17 September

Part Time Corset Designing
6 Week Part Time Course.
Tuesday's & Thursday's

Fashion Entrepeneurship
2 Month Part Time Course 
Mondays & Wednesday
10 October

Merchandising & Window Dressing
1 Month Part Time Course
Tuesday & Thursday
11 October - 3 November 2011

Flower Arranging
Saturday Workshop
22 October 

12'th Annual Graduation Show
Regarded as the end result of 2 year's hard work at the NWSD, our 2'nd year students will showcase their designs at the graduation show held in style on the Rooftop of the Klerksdorp City Mall
5 November
Recieve exclusive information from

Part Time Lingerie & Swimwear making
1 Week Short Course
Tuesday & Thursday
15 Nov - 8 Dec

Part Time Extended Photography
2 Month Part Time
12 September-28 September
then after term break
10 October-9 November 

Part Time Extended Sewing
6 Week Part Time Course
2 Feb - 12 March 2012

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