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  Fashion Communiqué
  By North West School of Design
November 2010
The best ever

In last month's newsletter, I made a bold and daring prediction that the 2010 show would be the one to beat!  You decide....  Here are a few pics of our 11th Annual Graduation Fashion show.  For more pics, please visit our facebook or website.  
fashoin show 1.jpg

fashion show 2.jpg

fashion show 3.jpg

fashion show 4.jpg

fashion show 5.jpg
As you can imagine, to pull of a show like this takes a great deal of dedication from our staff, students, sponsors and produciton crew.  A enormous THANK YOU to all of you for your hard work. 

The hunt is on

We are looking for talented, dedicated and inspired future designers to take advantage of our extended fashion programme.  As the students who register for the 2011 intake, qualifies in December of 2012, the hunt is on for the 2012 NWSD Designer of the year! 

Important reminder, is that NWSD is an approved institute for FNB student loans.  (Whether you bank with FNB or not).  The application process is quick and easy, but you will first have to come to NWSD to write your Entrance Exam as to obtain your letter of acceptance.  For more info, contact us on 018 462 5149, or email us:  nwsd@gds.co.za

The hunt is on and you can help by forwarding this newsletter to family and friends who are as yet undecided as what to study in 2011.

The solution to your problem

Want to have your own fashion business? Want to grow your brand and be able to make a living from your creativity? 
Apply now for the full time fashion design course

Want to pursue a career or ho'bby in fashion?  Have to work full time?  Apply now for a part time course in fashion

Want to do something in the line of fashion?  Want to try something different than the practical sewing and pattern making aspects?  Apply now for the various Fashion related courses, such as fashion events management, fashion photo'graphy, window dressing, etc

Want to further your completed fashion studies?  Want to improve your brand?  Want to expand your creative business?  Apply now for the part time Fashion Management course, which entails Fashion Buying, Fashion Marketing, FAshion Entrepreneurship, etc.

Want to ceate employment o'pportunities for a family or friend?  Want to develop skills of a family or freind?  Apply for the NWSD 2011 Course Schedule

Want to try your hand at something other than fashion?  Apply for Interior Decor or photo'graphy

Want to do something short and sweet?  Apply now for the one day Saturday workshops 

Want to advance on your sewing skills?  Apply now for a course in tailoring / corset designing / lingerie making

Want to register any of the NWSD course?  Live out of town?  Apply now for info on the Offsite Training Programmes.  Training on your Turf!

Festivity in Style

If you happen to be in Klerksdorp from 3 December to 10 January, make sure to visit our stylish Christmas display in the Klerksdorp City Ma'll.  We're currently busy redefining the traditional Chrismas tree by creating the u'ltimate Christmas tree dress.  Yes!  We're making a dress, using the Christmas tree as fabric and inspiration.  Watch our facebook for pics! 

Trend Flash

Be sure to join our facebook fan page, as we will run a weekly trend report, and also update you with links to exci'ting fashion blogs.  Don't miss the fabulous give aways with our random fashion quiz.  Also constant updates on what's on where.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Klerksdorp-South-Africa/North-West-School-Of-Design/142869021792

Looking back at 2010

No, we not packing up as yet.  Students are still writing exams, but just a reminder to look out for my December newsletter next week, as I will be looking back at all our great news and events of 2010. 

If you want to add valuable content to our year-end newsletter, please contact me by email:  nwsd@gds.co.za 

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About Us

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NWSD is a design institution in the fashion, decor, photo'graphy and art sectors.  NWSD and its courses offer an entrepreneurial learning experience with real relevance. 

Our course structure provide students with a ladder of oppor'tunity. 

Our greatest success story is the achievements of our students and staff.  Our past and present students have helped to build our reputation over the years. 

For a small sampling of the calibre and quality of our students read more on our website:

The NWSD brand has been built on staff and student credentials.


Fulltime Clothing Design & Technology, 2 years, starting 26 January 2011

Gap year courses, 1 year part time, starting February 2011

Fashion Management, 1 year part time, starting February 2011

Fashion Events Management, 1 month part time, 1 February

Fashion Photo'graphy, 2 month part time, 2 February

Wardrobe Planning Work'shop, Saturday, 19 February

Part time Interior Decor, part time 6 month, starting 2 March

Part time Fashion, part time 6 month, starting 3 March

Hostess Work'shop, Saturday, 19 March

Beading & Hat-Making course, One week, mornings only, 22 - 25 March

Trend Forecasting, 2 month part time, 6 April

Photo'graphy, 2 month, part time, 11 April

Tailoring course, 6 weeks, mornings only, starting 16 May

Paint'ing Techniques Workshop, Saturday, 21 May

Fashion Buying, 2 month part time, starting 13 June

Corset Designing, 1 week course, mornings only, 20 -24 June

Comprehensive Sewing course, 6 weeks, mornings only, starting 18 July

Basic Upholstery Workshop, Saturday, 23 July

Fashion Marketing, 2 month part time, starting 15 August

Soft Furnishings Work'shop (Interior Crafting), Saturday, 23 July

Fashion Entrepreneurship, 2 month part time, starting 10 October

Merchandising & Window Dressing, 1 month part time, starting 11 October

Flower Arranging Work'shop, Saturday, 22 October

Lingerie making course, 1 week, mornings only, 14 to 18 November

Correspondence Pattern designing, using the a'ward winning
X!act Design Patternmaker

Offsite Training
Training on your turf, to so'cial, community and corporate groups.