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by North West School of Design            
October 2010    

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This serves as a chic, quaint warning to the
class of 2007:

Since 2000, the NWSD fashion shows has grown from strength to strength.  From glitz to glam.  But, as the 2007 Graduation Fashion Show holds the re'cord for being the most talked about, most glam NWSD show to date, 2010 will see a Graduation Fashion Extrava'ganza that will kick-some serious fashion-butt!


Yes!  The class of 2010 will outwit, outshine and outstyle the infamous 2007 show!  For years to come, the 2010 show will go down in fashion history as the year of fashion renaissance. 

Come see the fashion legends being born!

6 November 2010, 18h00, Klerksdorp Re'creation Centre.  R50 per person.  Bookings are essential. 


We have officially opened the corporate-funding bursaries.  This applies only to the fulltime Clothing Design & Technology course.  The Bursary Application is open to any individual who have matriculated in the last 5 years.  

The directors and members of the NWSD Internship Division (NPO) will assess all applications as well as coordinate all references.  From this, a Bursary list of seven bursary applicants will be compiled which is then submitted to a number of corporates who assist us in the funding of the bursary fund.  

In order to issue more bursaries, we do however urge corporates that are not as yet registered NWSD funders to contact us for possible funding towards this bursary fund, as the process of applying for governemnt bursaries has become unfeasible. 

Applicants who wish to be assessed for these bursaries can forward a motivation & CV with all relevant references to


In the pursuit of the ideals & excellence in training, NWSD wishes to invite applications for the following vacancies:

Complete management, administration & coordination of all evening classes, off-site training & saturday workshops.  
Working hours: 
Mondays to Thursdays:  11h30 to 19h30
Fridays:  08h00 to 14h00
One Saturday per month:  8h30 to 13h30
To apply for this position, email your CV to  Please ensure your CV clearly depicts your managerial experiences.

Complete management, adminsitration & coordination of the technology centre which includes the computer room, CAD Software, digitizing, plotting, internet facilities, Biz hub centre, industrial machinery and pressing stations.  The technology centre is open to use by NWSD registered students and graduates.
Applicants with training &/or experience in CAD software and industrail machinery will be concidered for this position.  
Apply by sending your CV to  Ensure your CV cearly indicates your training &/or experience for this position.

South african designer of the year


NWSD Graduate, Gert-Johan Coetzee Won the award for SA Designer of the year at the SA Fashion Awards hosted by True Love Magazine.  He was nominated with 9 other of our country�s top designers.  Coetzee says that winning this award means the world to him, especially considering the winner selection process involved not only a panel of judges but also reader votes. �This really is an acknowledgement of all the hard work I have put in and I really hope that it inspires student designers, and shows them that with perseverance - you really can go far,� says Coetzee.


NWSD is a private institution in the fashion, decor, photo'graphy and art sectors.  NWSD and its courses offer an entrepreneurial learning experience with real relevance. 

Our course structure provide students with a ladder of oppor'tunity. 

Our greatest success story is the achievements of our students and staff.  OUr past and present students have helped to build our reputation over the years. 

For a small sampling of the calibre and quality of our students read more on our website:

The NWSD brand has been built on staff and student credentials.  


This is the last course for 2010!

Cut and make a Lingerie set.

Monday to Friday
8 November 2010 to 12 November 2010

Mornings only, 09h00 to 13h30

we have a course for you

Whether you are interested in fashion / decor / art / photo'graphy, you can design your own training programme from our wide variety of courses.  Have al look at our course-list on, then mix and match the courses to suit your need!  

Remember, if you plan to do more than one part time course, you can qualify to register as a Gap year student, which means you can save up to R2000 in tuition fees.  Email us,, with a list of courses and  we will compare this with our various Gap Year Programmes to see if you qualify for these savings.  


discount on tuition

When you are registered for a fulltime course and combine this with any other course, you qualify for a 20% discount on the second course. 

When you are registered for a 6 month part time course, you qualify for a 10% discount for any second course or workshop.  

training on your turf

Areminder to all our out-of-town readers, that we also offer off site training 'on your turf', customized to suit your need.  We send our training staff to you to present courses that you have selected, mixed-and-matched from our course list (available on the website).  Any of  our courses, or parts thereof, or combinations thereof can be presented in your area to a group of 10 to 15 delegates.  Furthermore, we offer a 5% discount on group booking fees

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