12 Annual Graduation Fashion Show

Regarded as the end resu'lt of 2 year's hard work at the NWSD, 
our 2'nd year students will showcase their designs at the graduation show held in style 
at the Portuguese Hall
5 November
Tickets still available @R60 each or R150 VIP frontrow and a treat. 


NWSD Principal named Wesvaal Business woman of the year.


The NWSD has yet another feather to put in our cap for 2011. This comes after NWSD principal Marlene Oosthuizen was awarded the prestigious “Westvaal Chamber of business - woman of the year award” .

And not an unfamiliar receiver of this award, being the 2002 recipient of the “businesswoman of the year” category and also in 2001 receiving a similar title from the SA Council for businesswomen. Congratulation Marlene! We at NWSD is so proud of you and honored to be working under your guidance. Students at the NWSD has also received a 32-Inch Flat screen tele-vis

ion to use in the presentation of designs and projects. This award from the Wesvaal Business of Chamber could not come at a better time. Now that the NWSD's new groundbreaking B.Sc and B.A courses require many local and international Skype interviews, seminars and classes. More recently Alexis Brouwer hosted a remarkable Skype Seminar about Fashion Marketing. Well done once again Marlene, and a word of thanks to the Wesvaal chamber of business in recognizing hard work and innovation.

Woman of Steel....Corset? 

A Feature article on Breggie Havenga. A “Designer” of a different sort. Her unique ability is creating a series of functional fashion items with, well… sheets of steel. From her Amy Whinehouse inspired corsets, to sandals and hats.

Every now and then you come across a diamond in the rough. A potentially remarkable object, idea or person, that you know, with a little time and effort as an investment might deliver a product or re'sult that often exceeds expectations. Hoping to polish this diamond NWSD recently stumbled across the artwork by Breggie Havenga Pretorius. Her forte, creating corsets…from steel! She got her inspiration from a photo she saw in a magazine of the late Amy Winehouse. Using various thicknesses of steel plates, Breggie has done designs inspired from various celebrities. 

Her goa'l is to design a steel dress for Lady Gaga. “Then she can say she has worn a garment made from meat and a 0.5 steel plate, I doubt that many celebrities can say that”. When asked whether her art pieces are popular at shows and markets she laughed saying, “they usually don’t even make it to the shows or markets, they are sold soon after completion.” Sharing a typical routine of how she creates these art pieces she mentioned that as long as she has an easy workable plate, she only needs the creation in her head. “I have never had any formal training in either fashion or steel working, but I learned a lot from trial and error”. 

Her three children (2 boys and 1 girl) are very supportive of their mom’s passion, and from time to time they too give way to their creativity.. Keep an eye out for Breggie as we will soon feature her work in much more depth in forthcoming newsletters and our Facebook Page.


One last reminder for our 12 Annual Graduation fashion show. 
grad show2.jpg
Tickets still available!
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