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September 2011


This month you can read about...

  • Someone you know can W-I-N a free 1 year part time fashion course
  • And the winning photos of our photography exhi'bition.
  • A Sneak Peek at what to expect at our forthcoming Graduation Fashion Show
  • Reporting back on our recent model casting
  • F’ree Aptitude test for all grade 12 learners (not only the fashionistas)
  • The low-down on last month’s Upholstery Workshop and more about the forthcoming interior crafter workshop
  • Save-the-date of our forthcoming Graduate Show
  • Dont wait! Do it now. Register for 2012! The early bird catches the worm!
  • Our monthly diary

    Photography Exhibit'ion & Award ceremony

    edit photography 2011.jpg

    The night of 24 August 2011 will forever be etched in the minds of attendees and students of the NWSD’s Photo'graphy course as the highlight of August. An evening filled with some of the best photo'graphy portfolios, good food, and glamorous awards being dished out. "This is so inspiring....Im going to grab my camera and start shooting!" - was one of the patron’s comment. Not only were we graced with the presence of a large number of friends and families of students but also familiar faces of Klerksdorp/Potchefstroom’s Photo'graphy clubs were spotted during the evening. Prizes for best overall portfolios are as follows:
    Best Still Life Photog'raph & Overall Portfolio
    Melanie Els

    Best Photog'raph of the Exhibi'tion & Best Portrait
    Karin Meiring

    Best Night Photo'graph
    Monya Verwey

    Best Landscape Photo'graph
    Melanie Botha

    A Fine selection of platters were on hand for the visitors and we would like to also thank our spons'ors, Mikes Kitchen , Ocean Basket and Coffee Loft. The most important factor in the evening’s succ'ess was the quality of photo'graphs on display. The photo'graphs were breathtaking. From portraits to landscapes, black and white and expl'osive colours. Moderators had a hard time to decide on the win-ning p'hotos. "I only came because of my girlfriends involvement as a student....but this has by far exceeded my expectation" said Klerksdorp socialite Robbie Rossouw.

    It is also agreed upon by many of the visitors that more of these sort of exhibi'tions should be open to the public. Mike, a graphic designer and photo'graphy enthu'siast mentioned “I usually drive to Gauteng areas to see Photo'graphy exhibi'tions, I am witnessing some work that could definitely contend on a larger scale. Klerksdorp has talent. The NWSD lecturers can be proud of the quality of some of the work on display” After the night has run its course and the campus started clearing out. Staff and students could congratulate themselves with another breathtaking and succes'sful exhibition. The platters were empty and everybody was happy

    SNEAK PEEK at the 2012 graduation fashion show.

    We would like to give you, our loyal reader an opportunity to view some of the sketches of our 2011 Graduation Fashion Show

    sneak peek article banner.jpg
    sneak peek article banner 2.jpg

    NWSD hosts grad's fashion show model casting.

    "The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.”
    Hubert de Givenchy

    model casting.jpg

    13 August 2011 proved to be the first morning of spring/winter transition. And how ironic was it not that on that same Saturday morning we hosted our model casting for the 2011 Fashion Show. Beauties from Klerksdorp and surrounding areas answered our calls off the prosper of becoming the next models to strike the catwalk at our glamorous 2011 Graduation Fashion Show. 30 Models have registered and were ready to proceed with the days events. But thanks to the helpful students of the NWSD and staff, the proceedings were completed in great time. And NWSD’s online editor had an opportunity to inter'view some applicants. From “first-timers” to NWSD veterans, these friendly faces were filled with excite-ment. “Im not nervous, but I I’m excit'ed” said fifth time model for NWSD, Leandre. “After being involved so many times and seeing what great heights students have achieved this year, I am most certain I can expect to wear some stunning designs” Amongst the applicants, a few first time models were relieved of their nervousness by NWSD students and staff. “ I read about the application on Facebook. I have done various photo shoots, but have never done run'way work, luckily my friend is here as moral support and she’s also auditioning” Said Kelobogile, as she and her friend, Hope completed their registration forms.

    The first few arrivals of the morning were accompanied by supporting family members. Shelly, a mother of one of the applicants noted that the NWSD has been well represented in the media. “Not only am I excit'ed for my daughter taking part as a model, I’m also exci'ted for her cousin taking part in the auditions” she says with a lot of pride pointing out to the two young girls sitting at the back. And after a whirlwind of casting , NWSD Staff and Students had quite a lot of material to present to the graduation fashion show students. It is now up to the students to choose the individuals to show'case their Graduation creations.

    Staff and students would like to give a warm thanks to all applicants whom took part. And students are especially excit'ed about the number of applicants to choose from. So to all casting models- THANK YOU Keep eyes peeled as we will be posting up to date information on our Graduation Fashion Show Facebook page. Here you can book your tickets and make sure you are kept in the loop with updates and information.

    F'ree Aptitude tests are being dished out at NWSD- Class of 2011

    South Africa’s Gr 12 students are all facing their last few months, or the proverbial “last stretch” of their high school career. For some it’s an exci'ting time as they prepare themselves for varsity or getting a head start in the professional world. For a few there is uncertainty…”I don’t know what I want to do?” So many students fall victim to committing to something and discovering later that the chosen course is not what they really want to do, or in most cases, technically can’t do. Therefore an APTITUDE test is most commonly taken to test various skills and likes/dislikes of the students. Determining a field of various qualifications they should equip themselves with to what they want to do. Aptitude tests can become very difficult to take due to large number of applicants or the high costs of consultation with aptitude testers.

    It is with this that the NWSD introduces our F'REE Aptitude tests open to ALL Gr 12 learners. Not just fashion enthusiast learners, but any person that would like some rest assurance of a difficult decision. Tests are conducted at the NWSD campus in Klerksdorp and will test technical, creative and communications skills. No studying is needed so students can breathe a sigh of relief of taking this test easy. Please feel free to share this information with any parents of matric students or maybe to a friend or two. More information can be received via our facebook events page.

    W-I-N a one year fashion design course courtesy of Klerksdorp City Mall and NWSD.

    cm.bmpYou or someone you know, have a chance of win'ning a F'REE One year Part time course in Fashion Design. It might just be you chance to “Own the Catwalk”. Don’t just dream it…go out and Create it! Entries are available from management of Klerksdorp City Mall. Entries close 18 September 2011. Contact the city mall at 018 464 3449 for entry forms and rules. Save the date and bring the family to check out some creative and fresh designs to welcome the long waited season of Spring….

    Don’t wait! Do it now!

    Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. ~Wayne Dyer

    2012 applicants for NWSD courses should note:Do not wait to register for 2012. Do it now! We are experiencing a high volume of entries for our BA Degree in fashion design and our BSc degree in Fashion communication. The First round of applications took place at the NWSD Campus on Saturday 20 August 2011. Applicants from as far as Schweizer Reneke and Lichtenburg made the trip down to Klerksdorp. -Ernst- an inspired fashion enthusiast said its been a dream since he was nine years old, to create garments and jackets. Maudi from Orkney has designed Matric Farewell dresses for friends. “I know I can sell my designs and do freelance work, at least I know the NWSD offers training to perfect my skills”

    Applicants can conduct their application test on 24 September and 08 October .

    app test.jpg

    Applicants will also recieve a f'ree guidance workshop by internationally decorated designer and NWSD graduate Gert Johan Coetzee via Skype


    Upholstery workshop wrap up and forthcoming soft furnishing-Not to be missed!

    Having a look at certain interior designing trends it can be seen that one thing is for sure, it can get expensive and confusing. If you don’t really shop around you might just miss that thing you’ve always wanted. Now imagine how excitement in learning how to create your own complimentary artwork or “funk-stunal” furniture piece! Members of public and NWSD students attended our basic upholstery workshop on the 20 October. From Ottoman to large headboards, the creativity in the air was electric. And judging at the results in creations one can easily determine the outstanding skill was developed. NWSD lecturer in Interior Design Eloise Booysen guided the students in creating their vision.


    If you desire an opportunity to attend our next workshop , have a look out for our up and coming interior crafter workshop. Measure, cut and make curtain, blind or scatter cushion and table runner. This workshop will take place on 17 September at the NWSD. Contact Charles@nwsd.co.za for costs and availability.

    soft furnishing.jpg


    Correspondence Pattern Design Course

    Living far from the North West School of Design Campus', our Correspondence Pattern Design Course is available to you to complete the course at your own pace. Course includes the award winning X!Design Patternmaker kit and new book by NWSD Principal "The modern corsetiere"
    R1000 excl Shipping & Handling

    Soft Furnishing Workshop 2011
    Cut and make blinds, scatter cushions, curtains and much much more
    Saturday Workshop
    17 September

    soft furnishing.jpg

    Part Time Corset Designing
    6 Week Part Time Course.
    Tuesday's & Thursday's


    Merchandising and window dressing
    1 Month Part Time Course
    Tuesday & Thursday
    11 October - 3 November 2011

    Flower Arranging
    Saturday Workshop
    22 October
    12'th Annual Graduation Show
    Regarded as the end result of 2 year's hard work at the NWSD, our 2'nd year students will showcase their designs at the graduation show held in style on the Rooftop of the Klerksdorp City Mall
    5 November
    Recieve exclusive information from charles@nwsd.co.za

    Part Time Lingerie & Swimwear making
    1 Week Short Course
    Tuesday & Thursday
    15 Nov - 8 Dec

    Part Time Extended Photography

    2 Month Part Time
    12 September-28 September
    then after term break
    10 October-9 November

    Part Time Extended Sewing

    6 Week Part Time Course
    2 Feb - 12 March 2012

    Contact us:

    North West School of Design:

    018 462 5149
    083 639 9790






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