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GJC Bursary   web revamp

Gert-Johan Coetzee Bursary Launched


NWSD Website revamp

Stand a chance to study at NWSD with the Gert-Johan Coetzee Bursary. Click Here to see what Gert-Johan Coetzee himself had to say about the bursary! To enter, Click Here


We are in the process of revamping the NWSD website. We are about 80% done with it and the response has been amazing! Check it out here and let us know what you think!

pff site  

Platinum Fashion Festival Website


Happy @ NWSD

As you have learned The Platinum Fashion Festival is around the corner! And with the help of Makgone Management we have launched the Platinum Fashion Festival website to give you a more detailed look into this amazing event! Click Here to see what we have planned!


At NWSD we love to work, and we work hard but never without a smile! Check out our Happy at NWSD video


open day poster
open day   book boutique

Open Day and Online Application


Book Boutique

Every day is OPEN DAY at NWSD!
Yes, you can visit us anytime during the year, especially when classes are in full swing as we believe that this is when you learn best about how we do things around here. You can apply online HERE!


Did you know that you can now order books from the NWSD Website written by NWSD principal and NWSD Alumni students? Click Here to order.


Platinum Fashion Festival Blog

North West School of Design is proud to present a fashion festival in celebration of our 15 years in fashion education.  Fashion Festivals have always been glamorous events which boost visibility and promotion of the brands associated. Read more…

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