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NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN is an International Fashion College for a Licentiateship in Fashion.

North West School of Design is now a delegated authority, approved by City & Guilds of London to register, assess and recommend candidates for the City & Guilds Licentiateship which is run as part of the City & Guilds Professional Recognition Awards suite. The awards are offered in industrial, business and professional fields and once achieved holders of the Licentiateship are entitled to use the designatory letters ‘LCGI’ and to wear the approved City & Guilds gown, hood and mortar board.

Licentiateship – Definition: Oxford

Licentiate: Syllabification: li•cen•ti•ate – Pronunciation: /līˈsenSH(ē)it/
Noun: The holder of a certificate of competence to practice a certain profession. (In certain universities, especially in Europe) a degree between that of bachelor and master or doctor. The holder of a licentiate degree.
Derivatives: licentiateship – Pronunciation: /-ˌSHip/

NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN and its courses offer an entrepreneurial learning experience with global relevance.

From 1998 to 2012, NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN has successfully offered a 2 year diploma course in Clothing Design & Technology as a private FET (Further Education & Training) college. In 2012, NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN changed its status from FET to INTERNATIONAL with the registration and accreditation with City and Guilds of London.

NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN offers a variety of part time courses but our main focus is the full-time training of future fashion professionals in either Fashion Design or Fashion Management & Communication (&buying).

Both these 3 year fulltime courses have been developed with the vision that South African Fashion education not only needed to globalize, but also needed to adapt to the changes within the global fashion industry. Both these fashion courses have been developed with focusing on globalization of communication, supply and manufacturing in the fashion industry.

December 2015, NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN obtained approval to include the 4th year of ‘study’ as a vocational year where students complete their 4th year of study within the fashion industry within their specialized field of either design or fashion communication and buying. This ‘working year’ leads to the assessment of the Level 4 Licentiateship in Fashion.

To succeed in today’s fashion world, designers need to do more than sketch garments, buy fabrics and meet with clients. NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN sets a strong foundation for future designers, fashion professionals and entrepreneurs who find it more than second nature to do that little more, to learn that little extra, to read that little longer and to adapt to an industry that in two years from now will be different from the industry we know today.

NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN’S mission is to be a college for Christian Tertiary Education that shows distinction and excellence, striving towards and piloting fashion training in South Africa and neighboring countries. We meet this commitment through the quality of our syllabus, our staff and student credentials.

To remain an International Fashion College that serves the global, respective industries by providing well trained and motivated professional designers and artists that the related industries wants to employ.

All our courses involve input from distinguished professionals, specialists and consultants, from the design, art, décor and educational fields, locally and abroad. This ensures that our courses are international compatible and meets international standards.

NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN is now internationally recognized with a globalized curriculum. Verification to our continuing legal status and application routes is available by request email to the principal:

NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN is registered and approved by CITY AND GUILDS. (Centre no: 848446). City & Guilds London Institute was founded in 1878 and is a well known and respected name worldwide in vocational education and training and commands respect from candidates and employers alike.

This aligns well with North West School of Design’s mission to ensure our curriculum caters for future designers and fashion professionals who are globally competent in terms of quality, price and supply chain management.

Because NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN offer courses that ultimately lead to Foreign Qualifications, we are registered with City and Guilds, and not with a SETA, SAQA, CHE or DOE.

NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN has successfully registered as a member of APPETD (Association for Private Providers of Education, Training and Development) who serves as an affiliate to NORTH WEST SCHOOL OF DESIGN. This body also assists in assuring quality of education provided by its members.

• Having a City & Guilds qualification enhances one’s career prospects
• City & Guilds qualifications are an excellent recruitment benchmark for the industry
• City & Guilds qualifications are an excellent training solution for employers
• Outstanding learners for a relevant City & Guilds qualification will be considered for a placement
• Applications are welcome from City & Guilds graduates seeking work within the sector
• Priority will be given to applicants with a City & Guilds qualification when recruiting

Our greatest success story is the achievements of our students and staff. The number and variety of competitions and awards they have won, nominations and their employment records has made us justifiably proud. Our past and present students, have helped to build our reputation over the years, both in the workplace, business world and as winners &/or finalists of local and international design competitions. For a small sampling of the caliber and quality of our students read more on our SUCCESS STORY

Wikipedia – City And Guilds of London Institute

Professional Recognition Awards
(Former Senior Awards) As of Aug 2013 the awards are called – Professional Recognition Awards. In addition to Royal Charter (The highest level of Accreditation in UK) the awards are NQF (National Qualifications Framework) accredited qualifications which enable candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and skills within any sector or role. Those achieving these awards will be entitled to use an appropriate, internationally recognised post-nominal: Licentiateship (LCGI), Affiliateship (AfCGI), Graduateship (GCGI) and Membership (MCGI). They can also help candidates working towards higher level qualifications.

These qualifications are ideal for those working at the highest professional levels in any role or sector and looking for an accredited qualification to provide recognition of their knowledge and skills.

Licentiateship LCGI – level 4
The learner would typically: have first-line responsibility for managing day-to-day activities; manage resources in own area of responsibility; constructively work with others to develop and maintain good working relationships; develop and maintain good customer relationships; identify and access opportunities for professional development; be able to apply professional standards in own area of responsibility; take into account the views and perspectives of others in decision-making; communicate effectively and manage information in line with organisational and legal requirements; consistently meet aims and objectives; exercise autonomy and judgment in work role; and address problems that are well-defined but non-routine. Applicants must provide evidence that they have performed competently in a relevant work environment. Evidence of industrial achievement may take the form of an industrial qualification (e.g. an industry-recognised apprenticeship) or confirmation from a current or recent employer of at least five years’ appropriate employment.