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North West School of Design saw the opportunity to present an Avant Garde Make-up course.  This enables students to do practical and theoretical classes in the application of Fashion Make-up.

This can be combined for photoshoots etc, and for someone to explore their creativity to the maximum. 

Please note, that there is no make-up kit to be purchased for this course.  The lecturer will inform the students of which make-up to purchase to enable them to do this course.

This is a fun-filled course, and is enjoyed on Saturday mornings.


This very popular course is a four month (4) part-time course and gets presented on Saturday mornings from 09:00 – 14:00 at North West School of Design.

The dates are not available, but it is scheduled to run from February – June 2020, one Saturday per month for four months.

The classes include practical and theoretical applications, and is presented by Maxene Gomes, well-known beauty therapist, and she has loads of experience in the field of make-up and their applications.

Students, will be commissioned to work on a model for their final class, when the assessment of knowledge will be verified by the trainee.   

Students will also have the opportunity to part-take in a fashion shoot, whereby they will make-up the models for the shoot and the North West School of Design photography students will be in charge of the photoshoot.

Fashion make-up students will also assist at the Platinum Fashion Festival of NWSD, to assist backstage with the make-up of the models for the Platinum Fashion Festival for further exposure and knowledge.

Lastly certificates, will be issued to students once they have successfully completed the course.


A notebook and pen will assist students, to take down additional notes, but student hand-outs will be issued to students by North West School of Design.

Lecturer will also inform students beforehand should they need to bring any make-up items etc … from home to complete this course.


 All classes are presented on Saturday mornings, one Saturday per month for four months, commencing in February to run until June 2020.  Once the final dates are finalised, NWSD will inform registered students accordingly.

The address for the classes;

1 B Joe Slovo Road, (Oudorp Pharmacy Complex), next to Unie School on the N12 highway.



 Payments for class fees and other fees can be directly into the banking account of North West School of Design via EFT.

Alternatively, cash can be paid and NWSD will issue a receipt for students.

Fee Breakdown

(please note, that this is subject to change, and NWSD will inform in accordance.)

Registration Fee

R 350-00

This is your booking fee, which ensures your seat in class.  This should be paid as soon as possible, and remember it is non-refundable.

Course Fee

R 650-00 x 4 months

= R 2 600-00

This is class class fees, and it is payable at the beginning or end of every month.  This can be paid via EFT or directly at NWSD.

Class Notes

R 100-00

Notes are handed out to students at the beginning of every module.  Students can put these notes in a flip-file for easy reference


R 3050-00