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You are welcome to apply online or come to the college where you can talk to lecturers and students and see for yourself what NWSD has to offer. We are also available on any academic day of the year to help you with the application and registration process.

If you need help with your application, please

If you want to transfer from another fashion institute to NWSD, please contact our Head of Institute, Marlene Oosthuizen directly for a RPL application.


Step 1 – Get the Prospectus

  • Once you have worked through our course offerings and you have established that you wish to apply for a Fulltime course, make sure to go through the course prospectus so that you are familiar with our admissions criteria, class schedules, subject structures and examination procedures.
  • At this stage it is not required to choose between the fulltime Fashion Design course or the fulltime Fashion Management course. All fulltime students register for the Fashion Design course. It is within your first semester of study (first six months) that you can decide to move over to the Fashion Management and Communication course. This will ensure that your decision is made only once you are more familiar with the fashion industry and that you will have a better understanding of the differences between the two courses.
  • If at this stage you are not sure about any aspect of the Course Prospectus, please email us, or give us a call to clarify.

 Step 2 – Request the Fee structure

  • Go to this link, and request a fee structure for the full time course.
  • Our Admission Officer will contact you personally. We prefer, at this stage to have personal contact with you, so that you can get to know us and that we can assist you with the process of application and registration.

 Step 3 – Apply for registration

  • Go to this link, and complete the online registration form and the online application test.
  • You can however print the form out, complete it, scan and email it back to us.
  • We will contact you telephonically and by reply email with your test results and with the written acceptance.

Step 4 – Payment of Registration fee

  • Once your application has been approved, it is vital that you pay your registration fee right away as your seat is only guaranteed once you have a NWSD student number.
  • The student number and registration confirmation letter will only be issued once the registration fee has been paid.
  • We have a reserve of 45 students for our 1st year group so make sure you apply ASAP so that your application can be processed as you can only pay your registration fee once you have been accepted in writing.

 Step 5 – Complete the offline aptitude test (entrance exam)

  • By completing this test, our academic staff will establish whether or not you have to first complete a short bridging course before the academies year starts.
  • Students who obtain less that 60{541c99cc92914d9ab749c515405b5401689d61aa5c8a4d52728c68ca47bb4644} for this test will attend a bridging course that can run from 3 days to 3 weeks, depending on the score of the test.

Step 6 – Registration Contract

    • We will send you the following documents to go through and sign.
      – Registration Contract
      – Internet Contract
      – Fashion Show Contact
      – Student Supply List
    • Once completed, please send this back to Charles so that we can open a student file for you.
    • Send your signed contracts back to Charles with the following documents (this can be hand delivered or posted to PO Box 10457, Klerksdorp, NW province, SA 2570
      – Certified copy of student Id
      – Certified copy of parent ID (person paying for fees)
      – Certified c copy of Proof of Residential Address
      – Two Passport/Id photos of student