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Sewing is an important Life Skill and is the vehicle to teach self-confidence through skill building. Sewing helps you develop fine motor skills, improves your focus and concentration and teaches the importance of patience and self-control.


North West School of Design (NWSD) specialises in Fulltime Fashion Programmes, but the need for Part Time  came to a rise a few years ago.  NWSD has compiled a course for students and working individuals called Part Time Sewing where students will only attend class twice a week. 

Students cut and sew a blouse and skirt with their practical lessons in sewing. Students will practice various sewing components like seams, collars, facings, zips, buttons and buttonholes.

Various sewing examples will be demonstrated by lecturer, whereby students will also have to produce such samples.

Course Outcome

In the efforts to make our short course more affordable, the NWSD short courses are offered as non-credit bearing courses, as these courses are not unit standard based. Student therefore receive a non-credit bearing certificate after completing the short course. After the course has been completed, the student will then have the ability to design their own range and put their skills to use by designing for clients or working at a boutique.

What Does It Mean If My Course Is Non-Accredited?

Are you interested in studying a non-accredited course, but not sure whether it is worth the time and money? Many people are still under the impression that a non-accredited course has no value. This is not true. Non-accredited courses are great for learning a new skillset or building on your existing proficiencies. What’s more, they are shorter in duration, which means that you can gain a new skill set in as little as six months.

What you need to know about non-accredited courses

o          A non-accredited course has no connection to an external accreditation or professional body.
o          Non-accredited courses focus on equipping the student with a specific knowledge and skillset.
o          You can study a non-accredited course to help you in your current and future career, or for hobbyist purposes.
o          Even though it carries no professional recognition, you can still list it on your CV.
o          Non-accredited courses are often shorter in duration.
o          Non-accredited courses are not as expensive as professional study programmes.
o          Non-accredited courses are more affordable than accredited study programmes.

The advantages of studying a non-accredited course.

o          The study material and assignments are not as complicated. Also, there are no exams.
o          Non-accredited courses are often shorter in duration, which means that you can gain a new skillset in a short period of time.
o          A non-accredited course can help you refine your skills.
o          Non-accredited courses are still valuable in the job market.
o          You can build on your knowledge and skill.
o          The entrance requirements for non-accredited courses are not as strict as those for accredited courses.


This 2 (Two) Month Basic Sewing course begins on the 5th of March and ends on the 30th of April.

Students attend every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 17:30 to 19:00.
Excluding public holiday, but this will be discussed with lecturer with students.


To study Part Time Sewing,

As this is a non-credit bearing course, there are no strict requirements to study Part Time Sewing. Although the ability to read and write, as well as basic math skills are important factors that the prospective student must possess. The minimum age to register is 17 (Seventeen) years with the assistance of a Guardian or Parent in registering.


Students will need a notebook, a pen, a pencil, an eraser and a ruler to take down additional notes during classes.


What NWSD provides: What YOU need to provide:

1x Fabric Marker

1x Unpicker

1x Measuring Tape

1x Tracing Wheel

1x Fabric Scissors

1x Thread Scissors

1x Hook and Eye Pair

1x Machine Needle

1x Packet of Hand Needle

1x Packet of Pins


Sewing Machine


Fusing (available at NWSD)






All classes are presented on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings from 17:30 to 19:00.

Please ensure to be at classes at 17:15, should you be late the Lecturer should be informed telephonically or by Whatsapp.

Should classes fall on a public holiday, the Lecturer will inform students accordingly of changes in their class schedule.


The address for classes: (NWSD premises)

1B Joe Slovo Road (Oudorp Pharmacy Complex), next to Unie school on the N12 Highway,




Payments for class fees and other fees can be made directly into the banking account of North West School Of Design.

Alternatively, fees can be paid in cash at the North West School Of Design and a receipt will be issued to the student.

Banking Details will appear on the registration form, use Initials and surname as reference.

Fee Breakdown

(Please note that this is subject to change, and NWSD will inform in accordance)

Registration fee R350.00 This is payable with registration to secure your seat in class. Please note that this is non-refundable.
Course Fee R700 x 2 months = R1400.00 Monthly instalments, payable in the beginning of every month. Payments should be made in advance for each month.  Last payment on the class fees, must be done in April or discussed with the registrar.
Manual Fee R110.00 This is payable in the beginning of the course.
Sewing Kit Fee R500.00 This is payable in the beginning of the course.
TOTAL R2360.00  




Ernst Schutz is an award-winning founder and head designer of Ernst Schutz Exclusive, and also part time lecturer at the North West School Of Design (NWSD). He graduated at NWSD obtaining a Level 3 Certificate in 2014 and joined NWSD as a full-time lecturer in 2017 till 2019.


Moipone Mokatsane, is the founder and head designer of MIMI House Of Fashion . She graduated from NWSD in 2018 and started as a full-time lecturer at NWSD in 2019. Moipone served as an assistant lecturer from 2017 to 2018, and as a lecturer of part-time fashion from 2019 to present.