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Photography is one of the most fundamental skill needed to sell any brand or product. Photographs and videos have become vital communication, education and preservation of history mediums.

North West School of Design offers a four (4) month PART TIME course in teaching students the following;

  • Camera Basics (ISO and Aperture settings),
  • Photography Basics,
  • Getting to know your camera,
  • Choosing of subjects and a whole lot more.

This class is presented by Salomé Kotzé, an award-winning photographer and esteemed editor of the Klerksdorp Record. Students will be taught practical and theoretical aspects of photography.

NWSD has since 2008 produced astounding photographers, like:

  • Donovan Roets
  • Melanie Els
  • Frentz Designs
  • Unique Designs & Photography
  • Maggie Botha
  • Jackie Steinshaden
  • Karin Meiring


This very popular course is a four month (4) part-time course and is presented every Monday and Wednesday evening from 17:30 – 19:00 at the North West School of Design.

The class begins on 2 March 2020 and ends on 10 June 2020.  (dates might change)

There will be a TERM break for the class, during Easter and public holidays. The term breaks will be discussed with students by lecturer to schedule classes accordingly.

Students who successfully submit their portfolios in NOVEMBER 2020 will receive a certificate from the North West School of Design, at the Platinum Fashion Festival hosted by North West School of Design.

Friends and family are more than welcome to attend the Platinum Fashion Festival to view the various portfolios submitted by students. 

North West School of Design, will have an external moderator to judge the various photographs in their respective categories;

-Best Landscape,

-Best Portrait,

-Best Black and White Photograph and

-Best Overall Portfolio, but to name a few.

Please note, that NO certificate will be issued to students who do not display their portfolios at the Platinum Fashion Festival.


Students will need a notebook and a pen to take down additional notes during classes, although student hand-outs will be issued to students by North West School of Design.

A Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera is required for prospective students who wish to take this course.

Unfortunately, no compact cameras or cell phones can be used by students.

Any brand of camera, Nikon, Canon etc … can be used.

Should you wish to enquire more about the camera specifications, please do not hesitate to contact, North West School of Design, and we will guide you in accordance.


All classes are presented on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 17:30 – 19:00.

Should classes fall on a public holiday, the lecturer will inform students accordingly of changes in their class schedule.

Term breaks will also be discussed, as there will be no classes during school term breaks.

The address for the classes;

1 B Joe Slovo Road, (Oudorp Pharmacy Complex), next to Unie School on the N12 highway.



Payments for class fees and other fees can be directly made into the banking account of North West School of Design via EFT.

Alternatively, cash can be paid at the college and NWSD will issue a receipt to students.

Fee Breakdown

(please note, that this is subject to change, and NWSD will inform in accordance.)

Registration Fee R400 This is your booking fee, which ensures your seat in class.  This should be paid as soon as possible, and remember it is non-refundable.
Course Fee

R 920-00 x 4 months


= R 3 6800-00

This is class fees, and it is payable at the BEGINNING of every month.  This can be paid via EFT or directly at NWSD.
Class Notes Fee R 400-00 Notes are handed out to students at the beginning of every module.  Students can put these notes in a flip-file for easy reference
Exhibition Fee R 200-00 Students who receive certificates, have to exhibit at the Platinum Fashion Festival of NWSD.
      TOTAL :                                    R4680